Veterans Home Care Services

Your aging parents or loved ones may have served the country in times of war in the past. These men and women have contributed greatly to achieving peace and order in the land. However, at this point in their lives, they need assistance in almost everything that they do.

A Blessed Choice of Care LLC offers Veterans Home Care Services to show our appreciation and gratitude to these valiant men and women. We make sure that our veteran clients receive the proper care that they deserve, getting the aid that they require at any time and helping them comfortably in their own homes.

Did you know that Title 38 of the United States Code was passed by Congress way back in 1952? It is what we commonly know today as the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) which permits the granting of exclusive benefits for veterans who have fought and defended our nation’s freedom overseas. Particularly, these veterans are able to benefit from the Non-Service Connected Pension with “Aid & Attendance.”

Although this program has been around for many years, only a few veterans are actually aware of it. At A Blessed Choice of Care LLC, our goal is to help veterans or their surviving spouses to receive the pension that will allow them to pay for decent quality and comprehensive home care. Aside from being a non-medical home care provider, our agency hopes to stretch our services the extra mile by returning the irreplaceable favor that these brave men and women have granted our nation by laying their lives in active war duty. We salute you!

For more information about Aid and Attendance and for inquiries about eligibility, please call A Blessed Choice of Care LLC at 816-256-8672 today.

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