Light Housekeeping

Having a clean house for your senior parents to live is essential to promote health and well-being. However, their aging bodies may prevent them from keeping the homes clean and organized because of their physical condition. You just can’t let those germs multiply on the counter tops and risk your parents’ health. It is for this reason that our light housekeeping services are borne out.

The light housekeeping services of A Blessed Choice of Care LLC enables your senior parents to live in a home that’s totally spick and span so they have an enhanced feeling of well-being. Our services will not only keep them at bay from diseases brought about by bacteria and viruses but they will also enjoy the peace of mind that comes together with having an organized home that is safe to live in.

We’ll send caregivers that can do services such as vacuuming, dusting, bed making, mopping, washing dishes and much more! Let us know your concerns so we can create a plan that’ll best address all your needs. Call us today at 816-256-8672.

Senior woman lying in bed