About Us

There are thousands of people who are in need of help at home. They could be seniors who have been debilitated by their aging body, the chronically ill, or those who are recovering from their injuries. Whatever the condition may be, they are assured to get A Blessed Choice of Care LLC services.

We are always guided by the passion for serving others, and it is this drive that enables all our caregivers to render excellent care to our clients. Our commitment to compassionate and excellent care is ingrained to every fiber of our carer’s being. This excellence in care is evident even from the initial assessment and interview phase to background check, and even when the care is already being rendered at the homes of our clients.

A Blessed Choice of Care LLC knows that each person has varying and unique needs. It is in this aspect that we initiate planning of care before deploying our caregivers on site. This allows us to choose who can best handle the needs of your loved ones so they are always ensured that a dependable carer is right within their reach.

  • Mission StatementOur mission is to provide the best, non-medical home care services, and to establish the highest level of satisfaction and well-being, from one community to the next.
  • Vision StatementOur vision is to promote kindness throughout the community, and to provide comfort to those who are entrusted in our care while remaining an influential and forward-thinking home health care provider.

We look forward to assisting you. Please give us a call at 816-256-8672 for your queries.

Senior woman lying in bed